Robot (My Birthday Celebration)

Last Saturday, August 27, was my birthday. I chose to celebrate it at Robot, with my family! Robot is short for Robotayaki which means, snack bar or grill, serving light meals and snacks, especially of the grilled variety.

Exterior. It actually looks like it’s underground.

Their floor, which is made out of glass, with pebbles under it.

Interior. The first thing that you’ll see when you go inside.

The menu. They have three kinds of menu, if I’m not mistaken. 1. Restaurant Menu 2. Drink list 3. Bar menu

Their ceiling is covered with thousands of light bulbs!

I don’t really know where this could lead you to. (I don’t know why it’s tilted to the right. I don’t even know how to fix it! Please message me if you know a solution :D)

I don’t know who took this shot of the bathroom! One of the things my mom and I always check is the restroom. I must say that MY MOM LOVES IT! Haha! #Award!


We ordered a lot! (as usual) Everything was great! I forgot the names of the dishes. (Sorry!) It only proves that we enjoyed!

This one’s salmon.

Tempura. A staple dish. We usually order it every time we eat at Japanese restaurants.

Yum! Although a bit spicy.

Scallops. One of the best dishes ever!

What’s a birthday celebration without blowing a candle? 

The sweet surprise my mom requested! Wasn’t able to take a shot of them, singing me a birthday song.

Robot made my day extra special. 

Overall, food was great, place was amazing, and service was really good.

In case you would like to pay them a visit, they are currently located at: 7921 Makati Ave. Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Visit their website: for more details!

We LOVE Alba!

Saludos, amigas/amigos!

I know it’s quite some time, but it’s never too late!

Last Father’s Day, we brought my dad to Alba.

Alba is a Spanish restaurant that began in 1952. It is owned by Don Anastacio B. de Alba


Some news paper articles about them. That’s actually just half of it. 

Blurry picture of the appetizers! 

You actually have the option to go buffet, or just order off the menu!

Yep, that’s my hand!


Too yummy for words!


Wasn’t able to shoot photos of the exterior ‘cause it was raining really hard! #mybad

It’s located at: Tomas Morato Cor. Lozano, Quezon City

Mercato Centrale @ BGC

The first time I heard about Mercato was when I read an article about it from Nicole Andersson’s blog . The photos that she posted caught my attention! I saw that there were lots of food, and thought that my dad would really enjoy that place (since he loves food!). 

Last Sunday we went there to eat lunch. 

Warning: Don’t look at the photos if you’re hungry. :-P

* Photo from Mercato’s site.

These cupcakes immediately reminded me of my half-american cousin. :))))) Yes, he loves plants vs. zombies. The things on top are edible! 

Different kinds of nuts!

Filipino foods.

They make use of fresh fruits for fruit shakes! 

Roast beef! 

 ”One of the best roast beefs I’ve ever tasted”, said my brother. Yes it is!

These were sold out very fast! We chose those cupcakes for dessert.

That’s just one-fourth of the place. There are 2 air conditioned tents.

It wasn’t just food. There are a lot of different things that you could find. (I wasn’t able to take pictures of it. Sorry!)

I seriously wanna go back! 

I suggest that you come early so that it wouldn’t be that hot.

Operating hours: Saturdays & Sundays 7:00am - 2:00pm.

For more details, visit their website: